Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Having a KiP

I'm the chubby one.....

Vicki and I decided to meet up to Knit in Public, as one Guild meeting a month just wasn't enough of a fix! Paul suggested the Botanic Gardens, and we spent the afternoon there on Saturday. Paul pushed me along to the little area in front of the hothouses, and we knitted while he took photos. (All the photos here are copyright to him.)

The place is amazing, much bigger than when I used to go there in my student days. And it's full of beautiful flowers, like these next to us:

Unfortunately the hothouses aren't very wheelchair-friendly, but Paul took loads of photos of the flowers, cacti, butterflies, and fish:

There are loads of beautiful trees, and lovely views:

Not forgetting the sculptures. I loved the Millennium Bug:

There's actually a baby one next to it, too!

It took me till now to start to recover, but boy, was it worth it! We had a brilliant time, and it was so wonderful to be out in the fresh air. Here's to the next time!


Vicki said...

Hi Heather, yes it was a glorious day and I had a wonderful time. I've since finished the little baby coat I was knittng, and will probably be sewing it up on Saturday.
Let's hope the Summer is kindly and we have lots more days out.

Katya said...

Hi Heather
sounds like fantastic outing, what a beautiful place !
wonder what feats of extreme knitting you will get up to next? :o)

wendy said...

Looks like a lovely place to enjoy friends and knitting. I loved the picture of the fish and the flowers.