Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Dye lot disaster

I'm back again! And much more quickly than last time. I've been doing some serious resting and sleeping, and it's really paid off.

I'm also really 'in the zone' for the latest item I'm making for Knitting magazine. It's going beautifully, and looking lovely. Of course, this is the second time I've had to make it, but never mind.

You want to hear about my silly mistake? OK, then, you've twisted my arm.

I'm not allowed to give out many details, because of commercial sensitivity (basically, Knitting doesn't want Simply Knitting to know what it has planned, and, no doubt, the reverse is also true). Suffice it to say that the item required six skeins of yarn, held double, and the supplier only had two in stock. Breezily, I announced that it would be fine to send me the two to start with - after all, apart from hand-dyed stuff, all yarn is dyed by computer, right? So dye lots are irrelevant, yes?

No. Oh boy, no.

I'm working the item on circular needles, back and forth, because it has quite a large number of stitches, and even so it is still quite scrunched up. This is the only defence I can offer for not noticing that the four new skeins were a totally different colour until I had cast off and spread the thing out. Plus, it was more noticeable under artificial light than in daylight.

I briefly considered adding fringed bits all over, a la boho look, to try to disguise the colour change, but I knew there was only one sensible thing to do.

Suck it up and frog the whole thing.

I considered just unpicking the first two skeins and knitting downwards, but it would have been quite fiddly because of the way the thing is constructed. It was really just easier to start again.

Anyway, once I stopped kicking myself and sobbing, the new work went very quickly and smoothly. I had hardly broken into the last two skeins, so I should have enough of the second dye lot to make the entire thing, although it may be a little narrower than I planned.


I guess this is one of those situations where you live and learn, huh?

Anyhoo... thanks to littlelixie and Daisy for their lovely comments on the last entry. I love knowing that other people enjoy reading my ramblings, it really gives me a boost!

I'd also like to draw everyone's attention to Mary Anne's new blog, opening shortly on this site. Thanks for the link to this blog, Mary Anne - I feel like a proper blogger now :)

(PS The engineer came out to fix my smoke alarm yesterday. Apparently it went off because it was full of dust, which fooled the sensor into thinking it was smoke. Jacky will now be vacuuming the thing when she does the housework every week!!)


Daisy said...

Ouch. I've just got away with a dyelot problem similar to yours with a deep red Rowan Polar yarn. My two different dyelots are indistinguishable so it looks like you can get away with it sometimes - not that that makes it any the less frustrating when it does go wrong!

Mary Anne said...


So sorry about the dyelot dilemma. What a pain. But you persevered again, didn't you.

I'm happy to hear it was only dust that created the problem in the smoke alarm. Darn those dust bunnies anyways!

Thanks for the mention of my blog, Heather. You're a sweetie.
Mary Anne

Daisy said...

Hi Heather,
Hope you're OK, your blog hasn't changed for a bit (that's not meant to be guilt-inducing!), just hope that everything's all right.