Tuesday, July 12, 2005

If proof be needed....

....that I really have been knitting while I haven't been blogging!

All photos courtesy of Richard. I hope the Doctor Who scarf will be up here soon - I hit halfway today :)

First, the hooded baby poncho, modelled by Pooh. I left the whole front seam open, and used four adorable buttons in the shape of prams.

This is made from a tape yarn called Summer Fun, which I got from Get Knitted (NAYY). It's a kind of paper, something like a J-cloth, and very easy to work with. This took about a ball and a half, and is about paperback-sized.

These are two-needle bobbled socks from a book called Textured Knits. Being me, I decided to do them in vibrant stripes, so I did three rows of bobbles - one in each colour.

Another pair of Opal self-striping yarn socks, for me. These are fab!

And finally, my new labels. Aren't they great??
£9.50 for 36, from Minilabels (NAYY....).


Daisy said...

Oh wow. The socks are FAB!! And the other designs too. Am very tempted to get some labels made now - v. good idea!
Looking forward to seeing the Dr Who scarf too!

Mary Anne said...


you've been a busy girl! I love the poncho especially. Those labels are beautifully done; very professional looking.
Congrats to you and thanks to Richard for help with the photos.
Mary Anne

littlelixie said...

Love the socks - and the labels. I have some like that too but keep forgetting to sew them into anything. Der!

Sage said...

I love the socks! They are so colorful, and happy. :)
I gave up on heals, so I'm trying tube socks. lol