Monday, April 20, 2009

It's a good job we love him....

We say that a lot at the moment. The 'him', of course, is Merlin the Mad Kitten - now 6 months old, still with huge paws he has to grow into, but already almost the size that Tigger was, full grown.

He is a one-cat Demolition Derby.

In the seven weeks we've had him (feels like a lifetime!), he has abducted, adopted or wrecked (and in some cases, all three) the following items:

1 inhaler
1 inhaler sock
1 glasses case
1 MP3 player cosy
2 duvet covers
1 large china owl
1 crystal water lily
2 knitting needles
1 ball of Artesano Alpaca
1 ribbon
1 angel made from a palm leaf
1 needle-felted crocodile
Half an aspidistra
1 tradescantia
1 lampshade
1 plush cat

And that was after I thought I'd kitten-proofed the place...

(The Artesano Alpaca, by the way, was not a full ball. After I gave up attempting to unpick the collision of knitting and physics, Richard was rather struck by the ornamental value of one of the small balls I produced, and has had it sitting on his bookshelves. He always has had impeccable taste.)

Two friends yesterday decided he was a dog, after seeing him catch, retrieve, growl, and chew the arms of people trying to cuddle him. Personally, from the size of him, I think he is the offspring of the Beast of Bodmin.

Still - he's very cute. But it's a good job we love him....

Merlin says,"But... but... look at me! I'm so well-behaved. Why are you telling people all those awful lies?"

Bigger Merlin (18 weeks)


Mary Anne said...

I find it so difficult to believe that Merlin can be as unruly as you say. Just look at the cute little face and those innocent eyes :)
ps: good thing you love him so much!

Wibbo said...

Looks as though butter wouldn't melt in his mouth :o)

He's a dead ringer for Eric, one of my late lamented cats. Eric's destructive speciality was chewing; his real favourite was anything wooden - bookshelves, chair legs, coffee tables - he wasn't fussy! His, er, marks are on some of the wooden spoons I still use...

kemisicrafts said...

He sounds like my Artemis. Artemis has to have dog toys because they last longer than cat ones. He does have toy mice though, but they can't be black and white spotted. (He skins the black and white ones in 5 sec.) He is now 9 yrs old and hasn't slowed down.

Emmie said...

This just cracked me up so much.. I still have tears rolling down my face!! I once came home to find a ball of wool in a huge cats cradle around my entire house!!!
One of my cats also recentley left a dead mouse in the shopping basket on my babys pram!!! See my blog for the full story! :-)