Monday, May 11, 2009

Hippo birdy!

It was my birthday yesterday!

I had lots of beautiful cards, some of them hand-made :)
I also had books, CDs, DVDs, knitty stuff, and a beautiful pewter pill box with an owl sculpted on the lid. I'm still expecting the books I ordered from Amazon with gift money and vouchers, so my birthday will be going on for a while yet!

Merlin loved all my presents. He played with every bit of wrapping paper, every ball of sticky tape, every ribbon and every piece of rustly plastic. He commandeered a big box, and has put some of the paper balls into it to remind us it is his.

He also insisted on inspecting everything. He was extremely impressed with the catnip cushions, the organic catnip, the cat treats and the cat toys - some of my friends thought he should have presents too :)

The weather was awful - grey, cold and drizzly - but I had a triple-chocolate muffin as my birthday cake (the diabetic nurse said it was OK!), and we had a Chinese last night while we watched 'W.' on Sky Box Office. Good times :)))


Anonymous said...

So happy that you (and Merlin) had a lovely day.

Gil S said...

Belated Happy Birthday! So glad you had a good time.

Many Happy Returns

Mary Anne said...

I'm slow to post but want to wish you a very happy belated birthday, Heather! It sounds like a wonderful day for you (and Merlin).

Emmie said...

Many happy returns Heather - sounds like a lovely birthday. Glad Merlin enjoyed all the fun too, my cat Otty has been busy stealing felt beads I have been making and batting them all over the room!!

littlelixie said...

Belated happy birthday - have been off line for a bit so missed that and your other post about your mum - hope she is on the mend now. Your story about the kindness of knitters struck a cord with me. I am always happily amazed at how friendly the knitting community is. Isn't it great to be a part of such a wonderful group?!