Monday, July 27, 2009

This week at

Well, I have definitely picked up since last week! One of the problems is that my usual morning carers have a new team leader and, when either of them is off, she keeps sending in carers from another area instead of using people I know.

This is really stressful - partly because I have had a stream of total strangers turning up to shower me, but also because I keep having to tell them, step-by-step, what the routine is. Mornings are not my best time, and having to face a barrage of, 'Where does this live? What do I do now? Where do I find...' morning after morning has been awful. Anyway, that has now been sorted out, and from now on I get only carers I already know. (Let's face it, it's no fun for the carers either - they're coming in blind, not knowing what I want done, what the routine is or anything.)

The other problem is that the insurance company which pays my pension from work suspended my payments - they sent me a form to fill in, to confirm that I was still ill, and because I didn't send it back, they suspended my payments.

I didn't return it because I didn't receive it. I didn't receive it because they sent it to the house I left two years ago, despite having written to me on several occasions since at my current address. They sent it to the wrong address because - and I can still barely get my head round this - the rest of the company uses a central computer database of all clients, which has been updated, but the admin section, which sends out the forms in question, is still using....

...filing cabinets.

We're talking about a big national insurance company, one of which everyone recognises the name. And one of their departments still uses paper files. AND DOESN'T UPDATE THEM.

Well, I got my payments back, and a letter of apology. I am now trying to get them to pay the bank charges that accrued over the five days I was without my money. I'll let you know how it goes.

...filing cabinets..... shakes head


crafty wee midden said...

methinks you are due some extra financial compensation, m'dear.....after all, it was their c*ck-up ......
claire(early bird, up since six)

Gil S said...

Good to see you back Heather and glad you've got things sorted out but as to the admin department I'm speechless!
Hope you get your bank charges back and more.

Daisy said...

Good luck with the bank charges! Companies like that do seem to be insane - I've had to change my address twice with one bank due to it being recorded (for some unknown reason) in two different departments that evidently don't communicate with each other... There's someone on the backpage of Saturday's Guardian (Money section) who's good at sorting out things like bank charges - might be worth contacting him if you need some help?