Friday, February 18, 2005

There's nothing like a good FO......

.....except two good FOs.

Yes, gentle reader, Linda's Christmas Top is finished!!!!

It looks great. I know I should be modest, but I can't. It's the first full-size garment I've ever designed from scratch, and it works beautifully. All the bits fit together! It's like magic :) I just need to boast about it tomorrow at the Knitting and Crochet Guild meeting, and then it can go into the post. It's only 8 weeks late!!

Hopefully I can pin Paul down (ooer, missus...) with his digital camera, and then I can reveal it to the world. Well, the select group of readers of my humble blog, anyway :)

The second FO is my feather-and-fan scarf made with my nummy yarn. It too looks gorgeous, more because of the yarn than my skill at knitting it up :) It is amazingly warm and snuggly. Photos follow of that, soon, too.

I've had another kind of FO this week, too. I went for my regular check-up with the adorable Dr Cook, my kind and considerate asthma/COPD doctor, and - he discharged me! Not because I'm cured, unfortunately, but because I am now on an even keel with my chest problems and can stop seeing him, unless and until I get the next attack.

At least he phrased the discharge better than Dr Earnshaw, my ME doctor, did. I knew what he meant, but 'I can't do anything more for you' sounded almost terminal!!

No Valentine cards on Monday (sniff!), but I did get something better - a parcel of lace-weight yarn from Mandy from the local K&C Guild. She sent a ball each of cream, peach, deep pink, blue and pale yellow. They are lovely things, but scary - so fine, it's like knitting with sewing thread! I have started a little feather-and-fan swatch with the pink, on 2.5mm needles, but I have to work on it first thing on a morning, when I can concentrate.....

Even so, it's addictive. Watch this space :)

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Anonymous said...

It's such a nice feeling of accomplishment to finish a project.
Good to hear about your FO from your doctor too.