Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Clawing my way back

Yes, faithful readers, I am still here - I had to take a few days offline to rest up before the Pins 'n' Needles show, and then a few days afterwards recovering. But it was worth it!!

I was a little disappointed by the small number of yarn stalls, and I could have had a major sulk that the Spinners, Dyers and Weavers group wasn't selling any of their wool - the colours were *gorgeous*, and the spinning and plying were beautiful.

However, I still ended up with two large balls of very fine red stuff with coloured speckles in it, a ball of Sirdar Funky Fur Magic, two balls of Sirdar Dune in white, two balls of Sirdar Foxy in brown (Paul suggested putting two googly eyes on them and selling them as guinea pigs...), a ball of Rowan Biggy in dusky pink, and some small flower-shaped buttons to go into the window-boxes of the house I have to knit. More of that later...

I spent the afternoon on the Knitting and Crochet Guild stall, which was absolutely inundated with customers. I was working on a snood, using Colinette Silkychic on circular needles , and I got so many lovely comments about it that I could have got quite big-headed! The best comment, though, was from a lady and her friend who described my continental style of knitting as 'knitting backside forrard'. I thought that was absolutely brilliant!

I have finally sent off Linda's top, so I hope to be able to post the photos of it very soon. I have been producing items like there's no tomorrow ever since. I think it's a reaction to finishing a large item - I want to whizz through several small items just for the gratification of having something finished :)

In the past week I haven't been able to do much, but I have been able to do garter stitch. I have finished:
  • my snood (it's a long tube which put on over your head. It keeps your neck warm, but if you pull up the back edge over your head, it also forms a kind of hood. It's a rotten description, but the best I can manage!);
  • another neck pillow for Paul's mother (she is too short for the headrest in the car!); and
  • another of the beanies I designed for Paul.

I am hoping to submit the beanie to one of the knitting magazines, along with a couple of other patterns. I did get rejected by 'Big Girls' Knits', but I am undaunted!

Oh, yes - the house. I nearly forgot. Our local branch of the K&CG is mounting a display in the library where we meet, and then transferring it to the textiles section of the Art Gallery, where we hold our Knit-Ins. Diane, who leads our group, suggested a 'Homes and Gardens' theme. She has bravely offered to do all the backgrounds, while each of us takes on a house, garden, or group of people.

I have opted for a house (number 2), which I have finished designing but have not yet started to knit. It's only a two-dimensional piece, and it's A4-sized , so it shouldn't take very long. I wanted flower-filled window-boxes to make it look cheerful, which is why I bought the buttons mentioned above - it's much less fuss than trying to knit very small flowers!

I'll also be able to use my new-found skill of cobweb lace (thanks to Mandy!) in making little net curtains for the windows. As usual, photos will follow. I really must buy myself a digital camera...

Finally a quick hello to a new reader. I am always delighted to find comments from people other than my immediate friends, and even more delighted to find myself on somebody else's list of favourite blogs - so hello to the Scarf Lady! Hers is a very new blog, but do pop across and have a look at it.


Jenny Walton said...


I was interested to read your comments re Pins and Needles. I heard similar reports from others!To be honest I am pleased we didnt bother as I hate the Arena..

Am busy working on second sock1



Anonymous said...

Hi Heather;

Thanks for the mention. I'm having a great time with my blog, and it's good to know I'm making friends in blog land. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Heather,

I just came across your blog and am enjoying reading through your archived posts. I have ME also so I understand what you are going through, although I am not as ill as yourself. I also love my kntting. I've put you in my favourites list to read daily.
cheers & best wishes
Mary Anne

Heather said...

Thanks, Jenny, Pam and Mary Anne - I love getting comments, especially from people I don't yet know. I always assume my blog is too boring for any but my immediate circle of friends, and it's lovely to be proved wrong! :)