Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Houston, we have a problem

My new copy of Knitting arrived on Saturday.

I was so excited to spot a small picture of my wrap, Volcanic, on the cover.

The photos inside looked amazing.

Then I read the pattern.

It was wrong.

Not as in typographical errors.

As in wrong item.

Wrong shape, wrong measurements, wrong item.

And I couldn't get hold of the Editor till Monday.


By the time Monday came around, my heart rate had started to approach normal again. The ed was really nice, and apologised profusely, and we think we've worked out what happened - basically they have two wraps from me, waiting for publication, and the materials and photos of one got muddled up with the pattern of the other.

There's a big apology, and a basic version of the pattern, in next month's Editor's letter, and it will be reprinted fully in the issue which comes out in December.

In the mean time, please admire the photos. They really are very good.......

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