Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Joy of Swatch

I've been having a jolly time over the past few days, knitting up samples to accompany my submissions to Vogue Knitting.


Sorry, I have to take a few deep breaths every time I say that. If I get them accepted, I'll need resuscitation.....

Anyway, this has involved making little samples of the interesting bits of my designs. It's heaven. No great long cast-ons, no acres of body, just the bits of cables and Fair Isle that make the designs interesting.

I've done two out of three, and now I'm champing at the bit waiting for my last ball of yarn to arrive so that I can do the final one. It's just what I need to fight the winter blahs - producing little sections of fun.

Here's hoping the final garments are as interesting to knit :)


Pam said...

You've got to be so excited! I can't imagine getting published. I'm just starting to master a basic sweater. lol

Mary Anne said...


Vogue Knitting - wow. If this happens, you will be over the moon, with good reason. I hope you are continuing to recover a little bit each day.

littlelixie said...

Wow, wow, wow. I can look back and say "I knew her before she was an internationally published knitting diva".

Anonymous said...

Heather! Well done! Vogue! I'm thrilled, you must be ecstatic! Gosh, I am impressed. I hope you are feeling a lot better all round these days and hope to se you at the Feb meeting is poss. Congratulations again and best of luck. If they don't accept your designs they don't have any taste, discernment, imagination etc etc.