Monday, January 30, 2006

Stop press!

Simply Knitting have just published the shortlist for their Knitter of the Year, and I would love everyone who reads this in the UK to vote for Alice Weir. Please ring

0901 890 4884

Alice is a member of Newcastle Knitting and Crochet Guild, a smashing knitter, a great ambassador for the craft (she's even been on the radio talking about knitting!) and an architecture student designing a Textiles Centre.

She's also a really lovely person :)

If you want to know more about her before you phone, her blog is here.

She's also doing the Breakthrough Breast Cancer Walk, and I'm sure she would appreciate any sponsorship too.

So please, if you can - Vote Alice!

1 comment:

Flossie said...

Thanks Heather!

I've asked for a day off work on Saturday 18th so that I can come to the Guild meeting. Hope to see you there :o)

Alice xxx