Saturday, February 11, 2006

Happy Saturday

Do you think the guy turns up once you've knitted the dress?

And, more to the point, do I really need a man to chew on my knees?

Another pattern from my collection. In fact, the first one, the original pattern that started it all off....


Flossie said...

wow, I LOVE that dress! Reminds me of one I've seen my Mum wearing in old photos :o)

Please can you bring it along to the Guild meeting?

Looking forward to seeing you there. x

Mary Anne said...

hey, cool dress and there's a man attached to her leg!

I like your new blog look, Heather. Great job.

Wibbo said...

Nice new look to your blog! I've just spotted the cover of March's Knitting magazine on the Get Knitted website - your name's on the list of designers on the cover, up there with Jean Moss and Sasha Kagan - well done!