Thursday, February 23, 2006

Senior Moment

Well, it had to happen sometime. Given how erratically my memory works, I was bound to mess up sooner or later.

You see, it was like this. I came up with two different ideas, in two completely different yarns, for camisoles - let's call them A and B. I offered A to editor 1, and B to editor 2. Editor 2 accepted first, so I organised the yarn, and started on....

Camisole A.

I then compounded the error by not realising until it was half-finished, when I did what I should have done in the first place, and read my 'To Do' list.


Luckily both editors were very understanding, so I didn't have to frog or chuck out what I had done so far, but I did feel a fool :(

Ahem. Anyway.

You may have noticed a new button, for the Doodles Frappr map. Please click and put your pin in the map - I'd love to see where my readers hail from!

1 comment:

littlelixie said...

Hi Heather! Can't wait to see the two camis x