Sunday, June 25, 2006

A star is born

I was interviewed this week!

I've answered the odd question for Simply Knitting blurbs before, but this was a proper interview, conducted by a proper writer, for a proper 500-word article. Real proper stuff :)

I may have mentioned it in passing to the odd person since it happened. The fact that one of my carers greeted me today with, 'Yes, you told me' is entirely coincidental...

The interviewer, whose name, I am sorry to say, I was far too excited to take in, made it a really enjoyable experience. She asked interesting questions, not just the predictable ones for which I had already planned my answers. She had read my blog, and knew about my designs and interests. She was also really easy to talk to, and we discovered a mutual admiration for the very talented and twinkly David Tennant !

So, the article will be in the August issue of Simply Knitting, due out on July 20. There is also a design of mine for a cotton top with organza ribbon in the same issue.

Maybe my ambition to be on 'Desert Island Discs' is not so far-fetched after all.... Since the age of 10, I have regularly updated my mental list of eight records, one book and one luxury. Just in case Sue Lawley is reading this, and wondering what I would choose, here is today's selection.

Tomorrow's may be different ;)

Time Out - Dave Brubeck
My Funny Valentine - Miles Davis
Birds In Your Garden - Pulp
Jokerman - Bob Dylan
Hearts and Bones - Paul Simon
God Give Me Strength - Alison Moyet
My Home Town - Bruce Springsteen
Who Knows Where The Time Goes - Sandy Denny

The Opinionated Knitter - Elizabeth Zimmermann

Need you ask? Lots and lots of yarn and needles. I promise not to knit an escape boat :)


Mary-Lou said...

Excellent, Heather! - look forward to seeing the article when it comes out

Anonymous said...

Ooooh! How exciting. Can't wait to see the article. I've never known a celeb before.

Mary Anne said...


way to go! I hope to find a copy of the magazine here in Canada. I am so happy for you, kiddo.
mary anne

All the Way With Knitting said...

Hey Heather maybe we could all list our Desert Island thing too ..that be okay with you ?I liked your list b.t.w .angie.

Heather said...

Thanks, Angie - why not? I love finding odd stuff out about people :)