Sunday, July 02, 2006

Slight error of judgement

Today was the hottest day in rural County Durham so far this summer. So what did I do?

Did I sit under the shower?

Did I go to the leafy, shady forest down the road?

Did I find a spa with a cool jacuzzi?

Nothing so obvious.

I got my whole family together - from Southampton, Luton, York and Durham - and took them to a restaurant with no air-conditioning, to eat a roast dinner.

It says a lot about my family that no one gave in to Heat Rage and tried to disembowel their neighbour with a dessert fork.

We were actually gathered together to celebrate both Richard's 21st and his graduation. We worked out that the last time we were all together, including Richard's paternal grandparents, was at his christening - although the last time my side of the family met up without them was only three years ago, at a joint birthday party for Mum and my brother.

We don't go in for big reunions much :)

Anyhoo, I am hanging on by my last nail, so I think it's time I went and crashed. I may be back next Sunday.....


Mary Anne said...


I'm so glad you were able to have a lovely familiy dinner, even in the heat!

Take care and rest now.
mary anne

littlelixie said...

Sounds like great fun. So happy for you!