Sunday, August 27, 2006

Error in 'Summer Dreams'

Many thanks to Libby, who posted this comment:

I'm literally in the middle of knitting your top (even though I think I will need to add straps when it's finished!) but I've got slightly confused starting the decreases. I think it looks like a typo but it could be me being dim.

On the 3rd row of decreasing it says slip stitch, then pass the slip stitch over but I haven't done anything to pass it over. Should it be a repeat of the instruction at the end of the 1st row where you slipped the stitch, then ssk then pass the slipped stitch over that?

Libby, you're not dim at all - it's an error! It's correct in the file I submitted, but it's slipped into the printing. I didn't even notice it myself .... (slaps hand)

As you say, you should SL1, SSK, PSSO as for Row 1.

Can I just say a little something about comments? I love replying to comments, but if you don't have a blogger account, the reply address shows up in my email as 'no-reply@blogger' and I can't mail you. Please, please, when you leave a comment, spell your e-mail addy out - like snoopy at dogkennel dot com, or harry potter at hogwarts dot ac dot uk ;)

Oh, and keep voting - the deadline is Wednesday....

Happy knitting :)


Vicki said...

Voting like crazy Heather!

Libby said...

Thank you!! I can carry on with the decreasing now. It's the first top I've knitted so I was a bit nervous.

Squiblet at freeuk dot com

Linda said...

My repetitive strain injury is back but it's worth it to see your vote count go up!

Go Heather! Go Heather! Go Heather! (doing the silly dance)

I think blogging could replace Prozac ... I'm feeling a lot calmer!

Purrs from Bella to T & C!

Serena said...

You're now up to 100 votes!

Daisy said...

Thanks for the correction. Summer Dreams is on my to do list... Have voted too! ;-)