Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Space Race

In my ongoing search for more storage space in my one-bedroom bungalow, I have decided to rehome a tottering pile of knitting magazines and books.

Like most of the other knitters I know I have more knitting books than I could possibly ever use and, although I enjoy looking through them, I have very rarely made anything from them. Therefore the majority of what I'm offering is virtually in a new condition. The Beamish Boy has very kindly created a special little sales page for me, and he will be fielding the emails that result from it.

Prices range from 50p to £3 with a standard charge per order of £1 Postage & Packing, unless you want Special Delivery or you live outside the UK. Therefore, the more you buy, the cheaper postage and packing becomes. Feel free to go wild...

The page is

There is a requirement to enter a username and password, just to fox the SpamBots, but it will be the same for everyone: beamish for username, and boy for password (there's a reminder of this on the page itself).

Orders are on a first-come first-served basis - please don't put your requests here as a comment or in an email to me because that will just confuse the whole system.

Secondly I have been contacted by several readers concerned about Chloe; they worry that she may be feeling left out because Tigger is so photogenic, and poses so well for the camera. Truth to tell, Chloe hates the camera and runs away from it at every occasion, leaving Richard with a lovely collection of shots of her backend rapidly disappearing out of the frame. However, after days of patient stalking, Richard managed to get this fine shot:



Mary Anne said...


Chloe may be camera shy but she is certainly photogenic! Now I'm off to search your book site.

Serena said...

Tell Chloe that she's gorgeous; although she doesn't look too happy to see Richard wielding a camera!