Saturday, September 13, 2008

My life as a Maraca

Well, I knew it was going to happen. I have extra meds. I couldn't get diagnosed with diabetes and be left as I was. Yes, folks - in addition to everything else, I now have diabetes!

It wasn't too big a shock, really. There's a history of mature-onset diabetes in the family, and the docs have been testing me for it for ages.

One big phew - I do not have to give myself injections! Hurray!! I do have quite a good pile to add to the things I'm already taking, though.

I'd been having blood test after blood test, and I was getting quite fed up that I wasn't hearing what any of the results were, or why they were being taken. I finally ended up pouring my heart out to the nurse who came recently for yet more blood, and she said she'd ask my GP (local family doctor, for non-UK readers).

Sure enough, I got an unexpected visit from my GP the next day, to tell me all about my results. Firstly, I have a folic acid deficit (insufficient greens!), so I got a supplement for that. Apparently it has the effect of a type of anaemia if not corrected. I have since added broccoli to my salads...

My cholesterol was slightly up, so, given the family history of heart attacks and strokes, he wanted to clamp down on it - another tablet.

Then he wanted me to take a preventative aspirin once a day.

And finally, he wanted to start me on tablets, as well as a healthy eating plan, for my diabetes, to really attack it and keep it down to a good level. The latest thinking is that the younger the onset, the quicker you should start on the tablets, to avoid complications later. I had to build up to 4 tablets a day - but they have a relatively common side-effect of diarrhoea!! Luckily I seem to have been OK; I'm up to 3 a day now, with no unfortunate occurrences ;)

I had to type up an updated copy of all the meds I take, for my client file at the care company, and I was amazed at the totals once I added them up:

Breakfast: 3 inhalers, 14 tablets
After breakfast: 3 tablets
Lunchtime: 2 inhalers, 3 tablets
Dinnertime: 2 inhalers, 10 tablets
After dinner: 2 tablets
Bedtime: 2 inhalers, 12 tablets

Hence the title of the post....

And now you see why, despite its faults, I am daily thankful for the National Health Service. I could never afford all those on co-pay :(

Tigger says: "Just as long as you don't give any to me...."



Gil S said...

Hi Heather

Just to say I'm sorry about the diabetes but I'm glad you got a diagnosis at last.

And I love the pattern in your second post and may give it a go.

In friendship

littlelixie said...

Yikes, that's a lot of pills. I thought I was bad when I was on 8 at the height of my troubles. At least you're not getting the side effects. Thanks for the pattern!

Daisy said...

Well, I'm glad you got a firm diagnosis, even if you do now rattle! Did you see all the stuff in the news about how broccoli is one of the very few things that have DROPPED in price this year?!

Tola said...

in the US, orange juice has folic acid in it. im not sure if it's a supplement added to it, or if it's natually occurring.

nimblynaff said...

Oh, that is rotten news but maybe it was the diabetes and not the heat that was wiping you out - and with treatment you'll be feeling better. Hope it doesnt put too much of a damper on your sense of humour!

Mary Anne said...

So sorry to hear this, Heather, but you are being well looked after and that's good news. I wish you all the best.