Saturday, September 13, 2008

Lara cowl

Yes, folks, your eyes do not deceive you - two posts in one day!

I've had this design finished for about 3 years. I submitted it to a magazine, who held it for ages, then returned it to me looking as though it had been kicked around the office floor, so I've never submitted it anywhere else. I would like to add it to my designer page on Ravelry, and for that I need a URL (as it is unpublished in a book or magazine) - so here we go.

This was one of the first things I designed, and I love it. It's quick to make, very easy, light, warm, and even flatters a face deeply unsuited to hats - like mine :) It's called



To fit an adult head. Circumference 70cm (28in), length 32cm (12.5in)

Colinette Silkychic (100% polyamide, 204m per 100g hank), 1 hank in 72 Tapis

(Unfortunately, this is now discontinued, but a fine mohair or eyelash yarn will be fine. Don't use too chunky and firm an eyelash yarn, or the lovely drape will be lost.)

5mm circular needle, 60cm length

17sts and 23 rows to 10cm using 5mm circular needles over stocking stitch. This is not as crucial as for some garments.

Cast on 120 stitches, loosely. Join cast-on row to form a circular piece of knitting. Continue to knit round and round until you have about 280cm (112in) of yarn left.

Cast off loosely and sew in ends.

Drop the tube down over your head. Pull the top edge (at the back of your neck) up and over your head, and pose mysteriously like Lara in ‘Dr Zhivago’...

(Copyright Heather Cawte 2005)

Tigger says: "I see you're coming round to the idea of fur, then."



Grace said...

really beautiful pattern, thanks for sharing it said...

Great pattern and perfect for fall. I'll be linking to this!

Lucy Corrander said...

Have just been scrolling down your posts.

Delightfully wise cat you have there!

Lucy Corrander

Mary Anne said...

Lara is a beautiful design - and thank you so much for sharing with us.

Amerynthe said...

What a wonderful design! I made eyelash scarves for a lot of friends last year ... this year they get cowls, although I just may keep them for myself!

Hijinx M said...

Beautiful pattern! Thank you for posting. :)