Friday, October 03, 2008

A Grand Day Out

On the Quaker Faith and Fellowship forum, where many of us are in less than tiptop health, we decided to have a day out today. Here is the account I posted of mine:

I had a fascinating day out today. I started off by scaling the heights of Waking Up. The tame mountain lions that roam Duvet Plateau both came to say good morning - until they realised there was food going on in Kitchen Gulch, and shot off down the track.

Well, I got my trusty Alpenstock and set out on the long trek to the caves at Shower Falls. It's a precarious path, and as always I was glad for my stick on one side and conveniently situated handrails on the other.

The trip to Shower Falls was refreshing, but tiring, and I was pleased to find myself a short stagger from there at Window View. You get the most beautiful view of a pair of growing oak trees, whose canopies have merged into one.... as well as the local wild dogs and marauding pygmies, a strange tribe called Grandchildren.

With great forethought, I had brought my knitting, so I could sit and appreciate the scene until my faithful Sherpa, Jacky the Carer, delivered my lunch (salad, yoghurt, fruit - all very healthy and full of energy for the long haul back).

After letting the picnic settle, I prepared for the trek back to Duvet Plateau and beyond. After a swift detour into the Shower Falls caves (to the amazing self-cleaning, self-replenishing porcelain chasm), I was ready for the journey home. The track seemed much steeper going this way, and took me much longer to climb. I was glad of the handrails and my stout stick. After what seemed like hours, I passed Kitchen Gulch on my left and knew I was halfway home. At last I glimpsed Duvet Plateau, and it gave me the little burst of energy I needed. I scrambled the last few steps to the plateau, and slid down the other side of it - into Bed Heaven.

It had been a long and tiring expedition, worth it for the memories of the trees, and the fresh air.

But it's a good job I live in a bungalow.

Tigger says: "I am mountain lion. Hear me roar...."



Serena said...

Do tell Tigger to take care that he doesn't get his jaws stuck up with nougat...

Amerynthe said...

If not for the diabetes (oh dear!) I'd have recommended Kendall Mint Cake to sustain you on your trek. I've found that it always tastes too much like solidified toothpaste to be enjoyable, and I'm sure the healthy fruit Sherpa Jacky brough you was much nicer and equally energy-giving.

Good luck in your next adventure ...

Mary Anne said...

I love how you wrote this piece, Heather. Each word describes the journey so well. Take care of yourself.