Monday, November 30, 2009


Eliina - finished

Yes, Mum's shawl is finally finished. I abandoned my stitch-markers and read my knitting as I went along instead - and whizzed through the last 10 rows. I think there is a moral here: I should pay more attention to what I'm doing, instead of relying on other things - stitch-markers especially - to do my thinking for me!

It's off now to my dear friend Rosie, to be washed and blocked. I'll post a final photo when it returns. (Thanks again, Rosie!)

All my Christmas knitting is now done, but I can't blog about anything else as all the recipients may read the blog! If you haven't finished yours yet, then good luck, and I wish you peace and quiet to get on with it....


carolinej said...

Stunning!!! I bet it will look out of this world when it is blocked!!!!

cj x

saya said...

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checat said...

I love your shawl! I found your blog on Rav. I'm your newest follower

Vicki H. said...

Absolutely beautiful work!!

dangel smith said...

your so creative... wish that i have your talent too.

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