Saturday, December 11, 2004

And still it goes on.....

First of all - thank you so much, everyone, for the emails and comments. Even people I don't know are supporting me, which gives me a great boost and reminds me I am not asking for the moon!!

Well, the Health Authority thinks Social Services is wrong. Which is good. However, this means it won't fund my showers. Which is bad.... However, I am not beaten yet (be honest, you didn't think I would be, did you? :) ).

My former care manager (social worker) passed me over to the Review Team because my care package didn't need anything altering on it. I spoke to her yesterday, and she is horrified that the Review Team unilaterally decided to mess things up - so now I have an ally within Social Services itself. Which is very good :)

Of course, no one can do anything over the weekend - but watch this space!

Thanks to my obsessive knitting in order not to worry, the Alien Illusion cushion for Richard, the Beamish Boy, is coming on apace. Every cloud, and all that :)

The illusion is working brilliantly. It's like one of those holographic panels on a five pound note - you can only clearly see the 'alien head' picture from an angle, otherwise it just looks like slightly wavy stripes.

There's a good article about this type of knitting here, and another here.

It's called Illusion Knitting, or Shadow Knitting (Viv Hoxbro has written a whole book on it). I do love to learn a new technique!

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