Tuesday, December 14, 2004

No news is... no news!

Nothing more to report yet on the Great Shower Saga. At the moment, Sunday is my last daily shower.....

I got bored while I was working on Richard's cushion over the weekend, and decided to try out 'Norwegian purling', which I found out about on 'Wendy Knits!' (see sidebar). Basically, you knit backwards so that you don't have to turn your work.

I got the hang of it quite quickly, and it gives me a much better tension than normal purling. Plus it's always fun to try out something new - and now that I've finished the motif, the cushion is just pairs of stripes, which is a bit dull. Practising a new skill livens things up a little!

There's a great video that shows you how to do it, or, if you prefer text, a good text-and-pictures guide from Interweave Knits.

Go on, give it a whirl. You have nothing to lose but your sanity.