Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Today's bad joke

A dreadful joke, from the fevered brain of the Beamish Boy:

Q. What do you call a dog that runs towards the enemy, and then blows up?

A. A kami-corgi.

I warned you!

Oh, and I'm feeling terribly virtuous today. I wrapped my Christmas presents :)

I've done well with my Christmas organisation this year. Apart from those I made myself, I bought all the presents online, and had them wrapped if possible (good old Amazon!).

I gave a donation to the Salvation Army instead of sending Christmas cards - that saved me a lot of energy, and for the amount I would have spent on cards and postage, they can produce a hamper of food and gifts for a family of four! Not to mention the trees I've saved. Golly, I was feeling smug - until I remembered that I didn't use recycled paper for wrapping! This Green stuff is complicated....

Tomorrow, Richard and I are putting up the decorations - well, he's putting, I'm directing (with a glass of wine at hand, and a Christmas CD playing, I expect). Then just one more online grocery shop, and everything is done. Unless they have none of the stuff in stock that I need, of course.....