Monday, March 21, 2005

It's photo time!

Yes, yes, faithful reader, I am still here. The last two weeks have been fairly rough, so I've been knitting and answering the odd e-mail, and not much else. I'll spread my report of the interesting bits over the next few days, so that I don't overwhelm you with too much excitement at once :)

First and foremost: it's photo time! Yes, Linda's Surprise Top has now been delivered and raved over, so I am at last at liberty to show you what it is. It's...

Sailor Top

a Sailor Top! Linda is a big fan of Sailor (remember 'Girls, Girls, Girls'? 'Glass of Champagne'? No? Suit yourself... Whaddya mean, you're too young??), and usually wears a navy-and-white T-shirt to their gigs, together with a rather jaunty sailor hat. I thought she might like a 'real' sailor top, too. (Actually, in this picture it hasn't been washed or pressed, so it looked better than this afterwards!)

I've got photos of the nummy yarn scarf, too:

Nummy Yarn!

Obviously this is only one end of it, but it really shows how the colours work together within the Feather-and-Fan pattern.

This is an extreme close-up that really demonstrates how glowing the colours are. I have never worked with wool like this before.

Extreme Close-Up

More tomorrow - the snake and perhaps the house...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Heather:

Love your Sailor Top. What a lot of work that must have been. I'm impressed.

That F&F scarf - maybe you already mentioned the yarn by name but I missed it. Can you tell us again what yarn you used? I like those colours!
Mary Anne