Sunday, March 06, 2005

Sssscaled to Fit

I really need a digital camera! I haven't bothered as Paul and Richard are such experts with theirs; but it would be really handy for times like this, when I have a fabulous FO and no one around to photograph it......

Anyway, as you will eventually see, I have finished my entry to this year's Knitting and Crochet Guild fundraising competition. As this year's profit is going towards fixing the roof at Lee Mills, where we house the Collection, it's called Weatherproofing the Roof. The spec is 'anything you can wear on your head - not necessarily a hat!'.

So I made a snake.

It looks good, too - I'm really proud of it! I used 4mm dpns, 6 sts per row, and a strand each of multicoloured crochet cotton and silver thread, and made a 130cm I-cord. I sewed up the tail end into a ball shape to give a bit of weight to that end, then sewed the head end into a point. I'd put a pipe cleaner into the head end, to allow it to be posed, and sewed on two iridescent beads as eyes.

The problem arose when I tried to display it on my polystyrene wig block. It is too smooth to 'grab' the yarn, so I've had to pin the snake in place round the neck, round the head and up to the crown where the snake head rears up. I hope people with hair will be able to use bobby pins instead!

Richard suggested I make one blue and one pink, and label them Hissss and Hers.....

Talking of jokes (well, almost!), I visted Mary Anne's blog after she left a comment, and found a great link to a page full of knitting humour. View it here - it's a super selection!

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Anonymous said...


what a creative mind you have! I look forward to seeing a photo of that snake. hissssss..

Mary Anne
BC Canada