Monday, March 13, 2006

At least I can blog about it

Well, the Beamish Boy is home for vacation - next term he takes his Finals and (I hope) graduates. Where did the time go? I swear, the last time I looked, he was sitting on the sofa in his pyjamas, chewing his toenails and watching 'Dangermouse'.

Oh, wait. That was this afternoon....

Well, I finshed camisole A (see a few posts back), washed it and blocked it. It looks gorgeous, it has worked just as I hoped it would, and the colours absolutely glow.

Now, before I go on with this anecdote, I have to explain a few details.

1. I don't move fast.

2. Especially when I am in bed, which is one of those snazzy electrical jobs, but moves even slower than I do.

3. I block finished items at one end of my desk, which is the other end of my bedroom from my bed.

4. My cats ignore any order I give them.

Ok, so I was on the phone with Serena (who has, incidentally, done her duty and added herself to the Frappr map. Just saying....). We were happily chatting away when I noticed Chloe lumbering up onto the desk - she's rather old and has lost her bounce, bless her.

She sniffed the camisole. I told her to get down.

She lay on the camisole. I told her to get down.

She stretched out her neck and, before I could get to her, casually chucked up a hairball onto it.

I may have deafened Serena at this point, and if I did, then I apologise.

With gritted teeth and murder in my heart, I rewashed it (thoroughly) and reblocked it. It doesn't seem to have suffered too badly. And, as I said to Serena once I started breathing again:

'At least I can blog about it...' :)


Serena said...

Don't worry, my hearing is still intact! I'm glad to hear it washed out OK :)

Wibbo said...

I know just how you feel! Many, many years ago, I dabbled in making one-off dresses to bring in some money. I finished a wedding dress (Swiss lawn, frills, heavy cotton lace, all very 60's), laid it carefully on my work table and nipped to the loo. Walked back into the room to find my small, ginger cat cleaning her very muddy paws on top of the dress and she'd left pawprints up the front of the dress, too. She escaped with her life (just!), I bought more fabric and replaced the front panel. I was *not* amused....

Mary Anne said...

Serena, what a cat! Such timing. I'm glad to know your camisole washed and blocked ok. And it looks like Serena can still hear ok :)

Fred said...

I can definitely relate to you on the cat front. Lara tends to sit on my keyboard when I am trying to type out my blog entries! Also, I liked the moebius scarf in Knitting last month.