Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Hard sums

It is the bane of my existence as a designer that Knitting Involves Hard Sums.

I was unfortunate enough to be taught Maths in junior school by someone who didn't understand how numbers work and just taught us by rote. This state of affairs was made worse when I went to secondary school, and had to learn SMP Maths. Don't ask - I don't know the difference. I just know I don't understand it, and I passed my Maths O-level purely by dumb luck.

This means that I am as capable of solving maths problems as anyone else with a calculator - but I have no confidence in my ability to select the right bits of any problem on which to use it.

I've even been known to phone the Beamish Boy and ask him to check my answers....

Which is why I was quite ridiculously pleased today, when working out two concurrent sets of increases, to find out that one needs to increase every 4 rows, and the other every 8 rows. Nice and easy to remember - and I didn't even have to torture the numbers and fudge the tension to get them to work out :)

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Mary Anne said...


I am math impaired so I think it's great that the numbers worked out so well for you. Way to go!

I will try to put my spot on the Frappermap.

CraftyPerson said...

SMP Maths - that sounds horribly familiar. Did you have a big book that had a cartoon and quotation at the beginning of each chapter?


Anonymous said...

Hi, Ruth - thanks for commenting. Yep, that sounds familiar!!