Friday, March 31, 2006

News from Nowhere

Still here.

Still knitting.

Coughing well.

Yes, I have... a chest infection!! Just as the weather was improving :)

I wanted to show you all the ghastly pattern with which my dear friend Vicki cheered me up recently, but I'm having issues with the photo upload gremlins.

Instead, I shall leave you with this joke:

A friend of mine had to visit her doctor lately with a rather odd problem. She'd noticed that, whenever it was her turn to drive for the car pool, she got a tingling and then numbness in her hands. Even stranger, it only happened when she drove through the Tyne Tunnel - nowhere else on the journey, and on no other day of the week except that one.

The doctor told her not to worry, and diagnosed car-pool tunnel syndrome.....


Mary Anne said...


that is a very good joke!
I'm sorry to hear you are coping with a chest infection. Do take care of yourself, kiddo and I'm hoping for better days for you.

CraftyPerson said...

Just getting over a chest infection myself so I know how you must feel. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Hi heather,
Thanks for the honourable mention in your despatches!
I hope you are feeling better soon.
Ghastly weather! We're frozen here - hail and snow storms every day.

Daisy said...

That joke is BAD! ;-)