Sunday, January 30, 2005

Brilliant day!

The Guild meeting yesterday was wonderful, although I'm still recovering! It always takes me a while to pull round again afterwards, but it's worth a few days' recovery once a month for the enjoyment of being with fellow knitters.

I offered to help one member convert a 4-ply pattern to a DK one... I don't know why I'm worrying, I know perfectly well how to do it - but will I be able to explain it to someone else?? I must remember to take a calculator to the next meeting!

Lots of discussion, show-and-tell, and laughter, as always! The time really sped by, and when Paul arrived, he actually made me jump when he spoke to me - I hadn't even noticed him come in.

I took the nummy yarn with me, and our resident lace expert suggested a slim scarf in feather-and-fan, on large needles. You know, I think she could be right!! Her work is amazing. She designs her own cobweb lace, and says things like, 'Oh, this shawl was quite a quick make - it was only about 300 hours....' She's going to help me try out some knitted lace, because I find the idea quite daunting!

If you're a knitter, and you don't already belong to a group, please try it out. If there isn't a Guild meeting or a Stitch'n'Bitch near you, then start your own! It is so much fun being with other knitters and crocheters, and it's such a help to be able to pick other people's brains if you're not sure of a technique. There's always someone who knows how to do something you're new to!

It's also a huge boost to be able to help others yourself. I find that especially cheering - being stuck in bed most of the time, when you've been used to a really active and stimulating job and social life, can be very damaging to the self-esteem.....

I got a lot of positive comments on Linda's top, too. The body is now complete, and looks much better in one unit than it did when it was in a heap!! The crab stitch edging/seaming on the sides works particularly well - not only is it decorative, but it seems to be stabilising the material, too. The fabric of the thing is quite heavy, and was tending to sag under its own weight as I was working on it.

Better go. Flagging a bit again.......


Anonymous said...

Hi Heather, It's Vicki. Yes, wasn't it fun at the last Meeting. It seems such a long time until the next. I have knitted some egg cosies for the stall at the Pins & Needles show and have just bought two doll's clothes patterns (would you believe I didn't have any?) at Boyes. It is so useful for using up odd bits of yarn.
I haven't returned to the sleeve I got wrong on Saturday - too boring, plain all the way up and only need to learn to count to get it the right length this time.
So many projects in the pipeline, so much yarn needing to be made up.
Have you tamed the yummy stuff with the career problem yet?
Keep smiling.

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather;

You're right about being in the company of other knitters. I've been the only knitter I know for years, and just a couple of months ago I met a couple of women at work who are learning to knit. It's great talking to them about knitting.