Tuesday, January 04, 2005

I'm still here....

...as I said in my toast to the family on Christmas Day!

This time last year, time was running out for me. The doctors weren't telling me so, but I found out later that, at this point in 2004, I was given about three months to live. One year on and 10.5 stone lighter, I am going into a new year with real enthusiasm and expectation!

My first resolution this year is to take my knitwear designs seriously - no more faffing about. This year I want to spend the majority of my knitting time on my own designs. I won't be knitting them all for me to wear, of course!

My other resolutions are to live lightly upon the planet, and to live each day with a positive attitude.

Christmas was wonderful, with my mother here for the first time in about ten years - it's a huge journey for her, so it was particularly good to have her here. Santa was very kind, too, especially via the Beamish Boy. He gave me a signed Mark Thomas double CD - and a little parcel that was labelled, 'I saw this and thought of you.'

It was a Buddha....

Now, I would love to think this was because of my serenity and wisdom, but we all know that just ain't so :)

I finished Mum's chenille scarf, and Richard's Alien Illusion cushion, both of which were very well-received. I'm now back on the design of my own which I had to abandon before Christmas, which is going well, and which I still can't discuss here in case the recipient reads the details! I can reveal it's a cotton top, knitted on circular needles - but that's all!

I have also discovered that I do not need a skein holder, thanks to some stray orang-utan in my heritage. I wound up a skein of Colinette Silkychic on Sunday night while sitting up in bed, by bending my knees a little and stretching the skein between my feet. It worked really well!

(It's going to be glorious stuff to knit, too - it's so cool and slinky, it's going to be like knitting with a kitten :) )

I can't close this catch-up without mentioning the tsunami disaster. I can't put into words my reactions to it - but please, if you haven't donated yet, do it here.

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