Sunday, January 23, 2005

Pass the matchsticks!

Dratted M.E. - I am still recovering from Christmas. I'm sleeping at all kinds of weird hours, and everything hurts! Sometimes it even hurts to blink, so keeping my eyes closed is less painful - but of course it ends up with my going to sleep again :) I need to prop my eyes open with matchsticks......

The most annoying, and also knitting-related, part of this whinge is that it has slowed my progress right down on the back of Linda's top. It doesn't help that I started working it in the round, and then divided the front and back. I didn't realise at the time how heavy it would be, even knitting back and forth on circs! Still, even single rows add up to progress over the course of a whole day, and the top itself really is looking super, though I say so myself :)

I've aslo started some socks in self-striping yarn on dpns, which is a nice light project for when my arms really are screaming.

I'm about to receive the yarn I need to finish Paul's beanie, thank goodness. The poor chap's ears are almost frostbitten!

I'm still waiting to hear whether my submission of a long wrap to 'Big Girls' Knits' has been received, and will therefore need making up in fairly short order.

I'm also awaiting new stocks of the yarn for the poncho Linda has requested - a lovely and simple design from 'Woman's Weekly', using Sirdar Nova Chunky in Ivory.

After that, I need to make up a scarf in a design I intend to submit to Colinette; a piece of headgear for the Knitting and Crochet Guild fundraising competition; and my nummy yarn socks.

Should keep me going for a while :)

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