Sunday, January 09, 2005

What were you doing when the lights went out?

Hey, I can still touch-type!

The reason for my excitement is that we have just had a power cut, our second in two days because of the high winds, and yet I can still blog :) Hooray for laptops with batteries, too!

I have no problems knitting with the lights out - I rarely look at what I'm doing anyway, except in complex cables and stuff - but it does mean I can't reposition my bed up or down, or use my oxygen machine. However, I have several oxygen tanks, and I don't need to get in or out of bed for a while, so these are fairly insignificant annoyances.

Top tip for power cuts - do what the poor Victorian seamstresses used to do in their garrets, and put your candles in front of mirrors or behind glasses of water. It doubles the light produced (apparently, several seamstresses used to use one candle in this way).

Never say that this blog is not educational :)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Heather, it's Vicki. Glad you got throught the power failures and storms ok. We were fine too, but my friend down the road lost a few roof tiles.
Sunderland went very well and I was delighted to be able to get there for a change. It just doesn't seem possible on public transport, but Jim had a day off and gave me a lift.
Looking forward to 29th such a lot. Diane has been unwell she has a lot of pain in her leg and has been unable to walk for a while, but she hopes to be ok for 29th.
It just seems so long since we all met up!
Must rush, I'm going to work this morning.
Look after yourself,
Love, Vicki